A quite simple, but special Draenei at the same time. That’s how you can describe Laleila in only one sentence. She’s quite small: only 1m81, or 5’11. And that’s with the horns. Her body is quite thin, and she takes great care of it. She has thin and slightly visible muscles, showing that she used to train quite regularly, but her silhouette became slightly curvier, since she stopped training. But they’re still quite true to her old appearance, but her breasts are now a bit more ample and saggy, as her thighs and her butt cheeks. Nothing really radical, of course, compared to what she used to look a few years later. Her skin, although, stayed the same. It’s white-blue colored, and smooth as silk, with little to no impurities.

Her face is quite cheerful and joyful, with high cheekbones, a thin nose a bit curved upward, with a round end, her nose bridge being nicely curved as well. Her lips are thin, but well-formed with the corners being a bit raised, seemingly forming a soft smile almost all the time. Her shoulders are a bit larger than what you could expect from a Draenei because of her training, and her arms are thinly muscled, as the rest of her body. But it doesn’t really pop-out, as she also took a bit of weight, since some time. Then comes her hands, which are thin, as her fingers, which she takes quite a good care of too. Her breasts are a little more generous than what they used to be, being now a bigger than usual C-cup, but not quite a D one. They’re also a bit less firm, and a tad saggier, but they’re quite well formed, and suits her slim shape very well, with a gracious curve when they’re seen from the sides. Her belly is still quite flat. And her stomach muscles are still there. But they’re a bit covered by the small amount of fat she gained, smoothing a bit the muscles, which are now quite less visible.

And on her pubis, the little and well maintained bush of silvery white hairs is still there, and she waxes it carefully regularly. Under it, her slit can be seen, being quite innocent looking, and a bit bulging in a cute manner. If she was wearing panties, it would make a quite distinguishable camel-toe. And on the other side, there’s her arched back, one of the reason why her race is quite popular, and just beneath it, her round and firm ass. It seems a bit fuller than in the past, and they’re still quite firm, and muscled. Her thighs and her hips are also a bit curvier, the muscles being a bit covered. Finally, her hooves. Those didn’t change at all. They’re still perfectly maintained, with patches of fur covering their upper part, the fur being the same color as her skin.



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